Dynascan R-58 Walkie PMR-446 Professional

  • REF: 1158
  • EAN: 8435550800138

PMR-446 handheld transceiver

Dynascan R-58 Walkie is a professional PMR transceiver with IP67 certification (total protection against dust and water, it can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes). The new Dynascan R-58 free-use PMR model is ideal for use in the most difficult environments, since it is manufactured with a die-cast aluminum chassis that guarantees IP67 certification, which provides total protection against dust, in addition, allows the walkie to be immersed in water. With the Dynascan R-58 you get clear communication even in noisy areas.

The R58 stands out for its innovative functions such as the scrambler to provide private conversations or the voice pitch that announces the channel or the function you have just selected. In addition, Dynascan R-58 incorporates other functions such as SCAN and VOX in order to carry out hands-free conversations with total fluency and ease. The new Dynascan R-58 has 8 PMR446 channels, 50 CTCSS tones and 105 DCS codes, as well as a high-performance 1600mAh Li-Ion battery that provides up to 19 hours of operating time.


  • Frequencies: 446.00625 MHz to 446.09375 MHz (Tx / Rx) / 87-108 MHz (Reception only in commercial FM radio).
  • Number of channels: 8.
  • Type of antenna: Integral.
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC to + 50ºC.
  • Power supply voltage: Ion-Lithium battery 1600mAh 7.4 Vcc.
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Modulation: 8K5F3E (FM).
  • ompander
  • FM commercial radio receiver
  • Operation mode: Simplex.
  • Frequency scanning
  • Beep selectable
  • Roger selectable
  • Channeling: 12.5 kHz.
  • Work cycle: 100%.
  • Dimensions: 115x55x35 mm.
  • Weight: 243 gr (with battery).
  • Degree of protection IP67: Resistant to dust and water (1 meter / 30min.)


  • Frequency stability: ± 2.5 ppm.
  • RF power: 0.5 W (P.R.A.).
  • Maximum deviation: ± 2.5 kHz.
  • Distortion: <5%.
  • Spurious emission: <-36 dBm.


  • Sensitivity: <0.2 μV.
  • Audio distortion: <5%.
  • Audio response: +2 dB at -10 dB.
  • Adjacent channel selectivity: ≥60 dB.
  • Intermodulation: ≥60 dB.
  • Spurious radiation: <-57 dBm.
  • Locking: ≥80 dB.
Included accessories:
Antena, table charger, 220V AC adapter, clip
Optional accessories:
Holster FN07S, micro-headphone type JR-1703 E / C, battery, antenna, charger and network adapter.
It also exists in a pack of 6 walkies with multiple charger.