Amount  to pay

The product price is the one shown on the product sheet and is nominated in Euros.

The displayed prices do not include taxes, which will be calculated and reported in the shopping cart page before confirming the order.

The shipping cost will be added to the subtotal price of the product. These will also be reported in the cart breakdown page before proceeding with the payment.

Very Important!

 If there is a change between the selected shipping address and the one set by default in the user profile, the shipping cost may change. If necessary, remember to step back to the Cart page to verify the breakdown of the order with the updated shipping cost.

If the shipping address is different from the one that has been established on your profile, you will need to go back and verify the shipping cost in the shopping cart because it may change depending on the chosen destination.

Payment methods

The client can choose the payment method from the ones below.

  • Credit / Debit Card:

To Pay safely with credit or debit card by using the external payment platform Servired/RedSys.

PIHERNZ will not have access to the card information, which will be directly processed by the payment platform.

Card payments are subject to the provisions of the Ley 16/2009, de 13 de noviembre, de servicios de pago, especially with regard to payment orders and the conditions for their revocation..

  • Paypal:

Available to clients with an existing account with such payment service provider, accepting the conditions of that service.

  • Wire transfer:

Perform your payment directly to our bank account.

Use your order ID as the payment reference.

Your order won’t be shipped until the funds have been settled in our account.

The account information to perform the transfer is:

IBAN: ES96 2100 0817 4902 0064 6755



  • According to the client’s usual payment method:

PIHERNZ clients have the possibility to perform the payment according to the usual payment conditions, that would be a direct debit payment or cash on delivery.

In that case, PIHERNZ can do a credit verification according to its usual customer conditions before processing the order.

Is it safe to pay with my credit/debit card?

Visa, MasterCard and American Express have developed a system to perform payments on the Internet safely. With the Comercio Electrónico Seguro , the card’s issuing company (bank or savings bank) identifies the cardholder before authorizing the payment.

The payment platform Servired/RedSys used by PIHERNZ adheres to this security protocol. Once the payment method has been selected and you proceed to confirm the order, a new RedSys/Comercial Global Payments window will be opened where the card information will be requested to verify the payment. The card information and your codes are protected by this system from the start.

This window is out of PIHERNZ control, so any incidence that could happen is the issuing company’s responsibility. In any case PIHERNZ will have access to your card information.

Once the payment is authorized, the issuing company will communicate it to PIHERNZ so it can finish the process. If the payment could not be performed, the issuing company will communicate that fact to PIHERNZ so the customer can choose another payment method.


The displayed prices do not include VAT or any other tax, which will be calculated and reported in the shopping cart before confirming the order.

Taking into account that our online shop is oriented to professional marketplace, the inclusion of VAT in the bill will be subject to the following casuistry in function of the place where the goods are sent:

  • Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands

The delivery will be subject to spanish VAT.

The bill will contain VAT.

  • European Union

The intracommunity delivery will be subject but exempt in the application of spanish VAT according to the standard established in the COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2006/112/EC of November 28th 2006 on the common system of value added and the local transposition normative.

The bill will not include VAT, indicating that the operation is exempt according to the (art. 6.1.j) of the Real Decreto 1619/2012, de 30 de noviembre.

The client must declare the IVA due in the intracommunity acquisition in the member state where the goods arrive.

The client must provide an intracommunity operator number (VAT number) in said member state where the delivery will be made, and communicate it previously to PIHERZN to be able to perform the purchase.

  • Extracommunity countries

Purchases done by residents of extracommunity countries will be exempt from paying VAT due to it being an export.

The bill will not include VAT indicating that the operation is exempt according to the (art. 6.1.j) of the Real Decreto 1619/2012, de 30 de noviembre.

  • Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla

The delivery is subject in the territory of application of spanish VAT, but exempt due to being an export, without damage of its subjection to IGIC in Canary islands according to the Ley 20/1991 or the IPSI in Ceuta and Melilla according to the Ley 8/1991.

The bill will not include VAT indicating that the operation is exempt according to the (art. 6.1.j) of the Real Decreto 1619/2012, de 30 de noviembre.

Payment of duties

Customs duties, fees or taxes are not included in the prices indicated for shipping costs. These will be paid in cash by the recipient of the merchandise when it reaches its destination