• REF: 0598
  • EAN: 8435550807588


Professional laryngophone earset microphone.
– Special microphone adapted to the neck.
– It must be adjusted to the larynx to transmit correctly.
– Supported by a suitable collar.
– It has a transparent silicone acoustic headset and a manual talk-listening key (PTT button).
– Double listen connector for walkies
– Indicated to speak in conditions of high ambient noise (helicopters, motorcycles, public works, high noise machine, etc.)
– With 2-pin ” M ” connector for models:
Motorola GP-300, SP-50, P-110, P-1225, P-1225LS, LTS-2000, CP-88, CP-150, CP-200, C-1150, C-1250, C-1450, C -1450LS, GP-308, P-080, P-2000, PRO-2150, PRO-3150, CP-040, P-080, GP-68, GP-88, DP-1400 and CP-040
Dynascan V-600, CPS-12D and R-68
Kombix RL-120U
Unimo PZ-400
Yaesu FT-4XE, FT-4VE, FT-25 and FT-75