Uniden UBC-370CLT

  • REF: UB370
  • EAN: 4954355102925

Handheld scanner receiver


Conventional channel scanner receiver with multiple functions. Frequencies of PMR, marine band, air band, citizen band, HAM, and other services can be easily entered and stored in its 500 memory channels distributed in 10 banks.


• CHANNEL MEMORY SCAN: Scan the frequencies you have stored in any of the channels or banks at a speed of up to 90 channels per second.
• MEMORY AVAILABILITY: stores and scans up to 500 channels distributed in 10 banks.
• CHANNEL NAME: A channel name can be stored for easier identification of the channel frequency.
• CTCSS / DCS: you can search and display any CTCSS or DCS tone.
• DIRECT ACCESS TO CHANNELS: press 0 – 9 and HOLD to directly access any stored frequency.
• CHANNEL LOCK: skip stored frequencies (channels) using the lock function to allow faster scanning.
• ALARM WITH SNOOZE: provides standard radio broadcasts that you can set as alarm sound.
• FM EMISSION: allows you to store and search up to 30 preset FM fe channels for quick access.
• PRIORITY CHANNEL: designate a specific frequency as a priority channel. Then, the receiver scans and verifies that channel every 2 seconds. Select and designate up to 10 frequencies as priority channels (1 per bank).
• PRIORITY DND: indicates that priority checks are not performed while receiving a transmission.
• DUPLICATED CHANNEL ALERT: lets you know that a selected frequency has already been programmed into memory if you try to store it again.
• LIMITED FREQUENCY SEARCH: allows you to designate the lower and upper frequency range and search within that range for active frequencies. Then, frequencies can be stored in memory as channels for later recovery.
• SKIP FREQUENCY: skips non-favorite frequencies during service search and limited search. Up to 50 frequencies can be designated as omitted.
• CLOCK DISPLAY: The scanner, in standby mode, shows the time. The watch also has an alarm that can sound up to 20 minutes or be turned off manually. A comfortable repeat button allows you to silence the alarm for another 5 minutes.
• DELAY: You can enable or disable the 2-second delay to resume scanning when a transmission ends. Enabling this function helps avoid losing a response from one of the parties in the transmission.
• LCD BACKLIGHT: The backlit LCD screen can be turned on or off.
• KEY TONE: a tone sounds to confirm a valid key input while a different tone sounds to alert an invalid entry.
• EEPROM MEMORY BACKUP: The scanner uses a non-volatile EEPROM memory for memory backup.
• BATTERY ALERT: the battery icon warns that there is no battery installed or that the battery is low. When the battery needs to be replaced an alert tone sounds. The backup provides clock reservation when the power is off and allows scanning for a short time.
• AUTO POWER OFF: Turn off the scanner when the battery charge is too low.
• SUSPENSION MODE: automatically turns off the scanner after a preset period of time.
• Power requirements: 230 V to 12V power supply (included) or 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included)
• FREQUENCY JUMPS: 5, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 kHz
• Speed


Uniden UBC-355CLT

Ref: UB355

Handheld scanner receiver


Ref: 1006

Discone antenna