Uniden UBC-355CLT

  • REF: UB355

Handheld scanner receiver


Desktop scanner receiver with a coverage of 25 to 960 MHz, distributed in 4 banks from 25 to 87, 108 to 174, 406 to 512 and 806 to 960 MHz, 300 memory channels, LCD display with function indicator, jumps of frequency 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5 and 8.33 in air band.

The Uniden UBC-355CLT includes 7 service banks to monitor emergency frequencies, Freenet, PMR, air band, VHF marine band, CB AM and amateur-amateur band. It also has 23 separate band searches.

You can also save up to 300 frequencies that are scanned along with the preset frequencies. Therefore, every time you find a recently activated local frequency for any category of service, you can add it to the bank for that category. This gives you quick access to the frequencies you want to hear.

The Uniden UBC-355CLT is a compact-based mobile or desktop scanner and is one of the easiest-to-use communication products available today.


• Turbo search allows the UBC-355CLT to search for 18º frequency hops per second (5 kHz frequency jump only)
• It has 8 banks: 7 pre-programmed service banks and a programmable standard private bank.
• Power supply: 13.8 V.C.C.
• Banks include:
1. Emergency (EMG) 100 channels (some frequencies are programmed in advance)
2. Freenet (FRN): 100 channels (some fees are scheduled in advance)
3. PMR: 8 factory programmed PMR frequencies
4. Air Band 3,480 factory programmed frequencies covering the entire aeronautical band from 108 to 1396.9916 MHz.
5. MRN marine band: 57 factory programmed frequencies covering the entire international VHF marine band.
6. CB AM 600 citizen band factory-programmed AM frequencies.
7. Amateur Band (FM) 400 frequencies of factory-programmed amateur band
8. Private: 100 channels fully programmable by the user
• Weight: 640 g. approx.

• Dimensions: 132 x 142 x 42 mm

The pack includes: 1 Uniden UBC355CLT scanner, 1 telescopic antenna, 1 movable mobile antenna, 1 AC adapter, 1 vehicle power adapter, 1 DC power cable to obtain wiring power from your car to your scanner, 1 support , screws and user manual.


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