Tecsun PL-600 (silver)

  • REF: 30007S
  • EAN: 69204875060078

PLL syntesized receiver


PLL tuner receiver

  • FM frequency range: 87-108 MHz.
  • Shortwave (SW) frequency range: 1711-29999 kHz.
  • 9/10 kHz tuning step selector for receiving medium wave (MW) stations.
  • Display of tuning in 1 kHz jumps in the display for medium wave (MW) and short wave (SW) stations.
  • Double conversion for AM (LW / MW / SW).
  • Receiving signals in single sideband (SSB).
  • Automatic tuning (ATS) to memorize FM / MW stations.
  • Manual tuning
  • Auto Scan
  • Entering the station frequency directly using the keyboard.
  • Digital tuning knob
  • 600 programmable memories.
  • Memory page customization.
  • Manual and automatic frequency scanning of memorized stations.
  • Direct access to memorized stations.
  • You can select fast / slow manual tuning.
  • It incorporates two programmable alarms (Timer A / Timer B) for automatic switching on of the radio with the station memorized.
  • It incorporates sleep timer.
  • Sleep timer (Snooze) of 10 minutes, this function can be repeated up to 3 times.
  • Stereo / mono FM selector.
  • Treble / bass (High / Low) tone selector.
  • Backlight display lighting.
  • Keypad lock function.
  • Programming using codes.
  • Silver color


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Ref: 30014N

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