Motorola O-201 naranja

  • REF: T187NA

Cordless DECT digital telephone


DECT – Gap digital long-range wireless telephone terminal. Orange color.
Robust and resistant design.
IP67 waterproof: dust and water resistant.
Reach up to 30% more than a classic cordless phone.
Agenda: 200 contacts and numbers.
20 recall memories.
Large 65 k and 1.8 ”(4.6 cm) color screen.
Caller ID
Hands-free speaker
Call waiting.
SMS messages.
Polyphonic tone melodies.
It allows to register up to 11 supplementary terminals (same model).
Multi base (up to 4).
Reach: outside and using the long antenna up to 1 km, as long as there is vision between the base and the terminal. Inside the range is usually up to 50 m.


Motorola O-201 negro

Ref: T187

Digital cordless telephone