Diamond X30N antenna with dual band Original-Japan in white colour with one section. Antenna suitable for transmitting and receiving in two bands: VHF/UHF. It has three radials. It can be installed on a mast with a diameter of 30 mm to 60 mm. PL connector.

The Diamond Antennas, thanks to their robust construction, offer us great durability . The base is made of anodized aluminium, while the outer plastic tube is resistant to UV rays (FRP, Fiber Reinforced Plastic). The conveniently protected internal radiator is made of thick brass or copper bronze. This makes the Diamond X-30N antenna resistant even in difficult conditions, they can be used up to wind speeds of 144km/h or even plus. The mounting is done by means of a mounting tube, which protects the coaxial plug against external influences. The mounting tube attaches to a mast with two supplied clamps and u-bolts. Radials (if used), bolts and brackets are stainless steel, mounting tube and clamps are aluminum.

The X30N antenna are connected to the mains electricity supply, to avoid static electricity and noise in the receiver. SE, X and VX Series

Pihernz communications is official distributor of Diamond Antennas and exclusive in Spain. Here you will only find the products ofDiamond Antennas Corporation, originals from the renowned Japanese brand.


  • Connector: N
  • VHF gain: 3 dB
  • UHF gain: 5.5 dB
  • Max power: 100 W
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Length: 1.3 m. in 1 section
  • Weight: 0.8 Kg
  • Wavelength: 1/2 144 Mhz., 5/8 430 Mhz.



Ref: 1044

Dual band base antenna

Antena de base Diamond X50 Original-Japón de doble banda


Ref: 1029

Dual band antenna

Antena de base Diamond X50N Original-Japón de doble banda


Ref: 1029N

Dual band antenna

Antena Diamond Original x-30 bibanda VHF/UHF

Diamond Antenna X30 Dual Band

Ref: 1074

Dual band base antenna