miniBatt Monster XL24 Battery Starter

  • EAN: 8435048432056

Power Jump starter

The Minibatt MONSTER 35000 mAh is a true power monster.
It avails of 35,000 mAh and is capable of starting engines with batteries of 24V, as well as 12V engines. Special for trucks, ships, airplanes…
The Monster 35000 mAh is a starter for professional use, particularly for starting large vehicles such as trucks, ships, planes, agricultural vehicles… Both petrol and diesel.

In addition to the 24V output for the jump leads, the new miniBatt MONSTER includes 2 DUAL USB 5V/4A outputs and another with 12V/12A for charging ALL types of electronic devices.

miniBatt MONSTER is manufactured with an industrial nano battery of Lithium-Cobalt (LiCoO2), which maintains its charge during a period of 6 months (maximum). In any case, it quickly charges in 10 hours (approx.) when connected to a domestic power socket of 220V or to a car power socket of 12 volts.


  • MEASUREMENTS: 290 x 235 x 80 mm
  • WEIGHT: 2,200 gr.
  • POWER: 35,000 mAh
  • PEAK POWER: 12v/1200A; 24v/600A
  • CHARGE OUTPUT: 5V/1A,5V/2A,12V/10A
  • LIFE CYCLES: >1,000
  • MADE IN: China


  • Home charger
  • Mobile phone connectors (3-in-1)
  • Digital intelligent clamps
  • Warranty: 2 years