DCU 3000W/ 24V

  • REF: DCU3000/24SP
  • EAN: 8436556980459

Pure wave inverter


Pure sine wave inverter 24V 3000W

DCU Pure sine wave inverters generate a perfect sine wave frequency of 50 Hz, they are designed to feed equipments that require an energetic modality like the supplied on the network, such as printers, navigation devices, emergency feeders …

  • Includes different protection functions that keep the electrical equipment and the circuit of the car or device protected:
    • Low voltage protection
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Protection due to overheating
    • Protection against short-circuit output
  • Contains 2 schuko and conexion cables.
  • SOFT START function.
  • Power output: 3000w
  • Peak power: 6000w
  • Size (mm): 470 x 235 x 95
  • Net weight: 7.1 kg