• REF: MK8000
  • EAN: 5949066500633

Hand microphone


6-pin microphone for CB radio transceivers

  • Microphone type: dynamic
  • Color: black
  • Number of pins: 6
  • Channel change buttons
  • ASQ enable / disable button
6-pin connector

The PNI microphone is compatible with HPI Escort PN 8000/9000/8001/9001, but can also fit any 6-pin radio, regardless of brand.

Microphone control buttons

In addition to the PTT (push to talk) button used for broadcasting, the microphone is equipped with UP / Down buttons to change the channel and the ASQ button to enable / disable auto mute.

Reduced dimensions

The microphone has a small size (75x50x25 mm), which facilitates its handling and placement. Its linear and simplistic design makes it a friendly and accessible object.

Spiral expandable cable

Thanks to the coiled cable that extends from 50 to 100 cm, the microphone can be easily used even if the radio is a little further away from you.