Jetfon U-23 UHF Low Profile Walkie Antenna

  • REF: ANTU23
  • EAN: 8435550817822

UHF portable antenna

Jetfon U-23 is a UHF antenna for any UHF walkie that uses antennas with SMA female connector.


  • Frequency: (UHF) 400-470 MHz
  • Gain: 2.5 dB
  • Length: 75 mm
  • Connector: SMA female
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 20 g

Compatible with:

Kombix Rl-120U

Walkies Kenwood series 60, 70, 80, 140, 160, 170, 180, 202, 302, 360, 260 Atex, 312, 000, Digital NX, D40 (para los Walkie Talkie Kenwood TK-3360E, TK3000, TK-3302E, TK-3170E3, TK-3170E, TK-3180, TK3260 ATEX, TK-3140E, TK-3160E, TK-3202E, TK-D34. Replaces UHF Kenwood KRA-23 antenna

To save plastic, this antenna is supplied in a recycled paper envelope.


Walkie Kombix Rl-120U

Kombix RL-120U Professional UHF walkie talkie

Ref: 3144

UHF professional handheld transceiver