Hammer Energy 2 Black Silver ECO NCF 5.5 Rugged Smartphone

  • EAN: 5902983616139

Rugged SmartPhone 4G

The Hammer Iron 2 Black is Rugged Smartphone that comes with a 5.5″, 1440x720px HD+ IPS screen which is guaranteed to provide the user with a high-quality, high-resolution presentation which is sure to provide the clearest and highest quality display while still providing the protection needed.

With its tough rugged design, this phone is guaranteed to withstand everything that can be thrown at it. It comes with an IP68 guaranteed certificate and the IK05 standard which ensures protection against water, dust and general wear and tear of repeated use. Gorilla Glass 3 screen guarantees against damages from scratches and drops.

This model comes with an efficient 4 core processor and 3GB RAM which guarantees fast speeds. It is also feature-rich and comes with Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, Dual SIM Technology, 32GB internal memory and is supported by Android 11


Display: 5.5″
Battery: 5000 mAh
Resistance: IP68 rating, IK05
Camera: 13 Mpx
Memory: 3GB RAM
Network: 4G LTE, 3G, 2G


5.5″ HD+ IPS screen
IP68 Rating
IK05 rating
Camera: 8MP front/ 13MP rear
5000mAh battery
Express charging
Dual SIM
32Gb Internal memory
Bluetooth 5.0
Android 11
Dimensions: 160.8mm x 76.9mm x 15.3mm