• REF: 3180
  • EAN: 8435550809759

Interface repeater


Range Extender
Record the incoming message and relay it
· Simplex (semiduplex)
· Up to 3 recording messages
· Auto beacon every 15/30/45 minutes
· Up to 180 seconds of recording
· ON / OFF control by DTMF
· 5/24 V DC external power
· Includes rechargeable battery and 220V charger
· Autonomy of more than 60 hours
· DTMF remote control password via radio
· Dynascan / Kenwood cable included
· Cables available for other models
· Usable for VHF and UHF radios
· Without antenna: it uses the one of the receiving transmitter to which it is connected

Applications: Speologists, climbers, hikers, civil works, amateur radio, PMR-446