1×4 Batteries Varta Ultra Lithium AA LR6


Lithium batteries AA LR6

The VARTA ULTRA Lithium AA LR6 With up to 38 % reduced weight in comparison to alkaline VARTA ULTRA Lithium batteries are perfect for sport and outdoor usage and work exceptionally well under extreme conditions. You can rely on them whether you’re playing with your kids using walkie talkies. GPS, or take pictures with your digital camera on an adventure trip with extreme temperatures. They also work perfectly with safety devices smoke detectors and other. Highest quality for high-energy demands to keep you independent in all areas of life.


  • High quality and performance for energy-intensive fields of applications, such as digital cameras, GPS systems and walkie talkies
  • Works exceptionally well under extreme conditions and temperatures
  • Easy and smart recognition of recommended use by modern icons
  • “Battery Experts since 1887” – VARTA brand quality ensured
  • 15 years power in storage guaranteed
  • Smart and convenient packaging solution: Innovative opening/closing mechanism for a simple battery storage for used or unused batteries*
  • Innovative new cell design and unique matt label finish for a premium haptic appearance and maximum brand recognition


Tamaño AA
Referencia IEC FR14505
Tipo VARTA 06106
Diámetro 14.5 mm
Altura 50.5 mm
Peso 14.5 g
Sistema químico Lithium Primary
Tensión 1.5 V