4 packs of 2 walkies PMR-446 are provided.

Hands-free connection

PNI PMR R40 Pro allows the connection of 2-pin Kenwood type microearphones facilitating the use of the walkie in a hands-free system. Headphones are included. The package also includes the battery and desktop charger.


The PNI PMR R40 Pro portable radio has 8 PMR channels and 8 pre-programmed channels. In addition, you can encrypt both transmission and reception with security codes, a function that allows you to have private conversations.

Professional functions

PNI PMR R40 Pro offers users multiple functions: preset auto squelch at level 5, TOT (time-out timer) preset at 180 seconds, and channel monitoring.

1200mAh battery

PNI PMR R40 Pro is equipped with such a extended battery life function and a removable 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery.

Built-in LED light

The built-in LED light can provide the necessary light in emergency situations.