15 September 2022

Don’t miss our CB offers

Ofertas CB en Pihernz comunicaciones

Do not let go this opportunity. To help you boost your sales, until September 30th 2022, you have at your disposal a special offer on a wide selection of models from our range of most popular CB transceivers, which you can access from here with your email and password.

A bit of history

Since CB creation, back in 1948, by the hand of Alfred J. Gross, considered the father of the citizen band, its growth has been constant despite the ups and downs and being considered from the beginning as the poor cousin of amateur radio. Nothing could be further from the truth as, in the 90s, it was calculated that the number of CB users was around 30 million. Currently, despite being far from these figures, a large number of amateurs and professional users (especially in the transport and leisure sector), continue to bet on this license free radio communication system that enables long-range communications independent of current mobile technologies.